Time Thief

Years have come and years have passed,
many moons have come and gone.
The one thing that seems to last
Is a clock that ticks too fast
To a rhythm, a heart's song.

A Tick-Tock, Tick-ety-Tock,
I hear the clock’s bizarre chime.
I sit here in complete shock
As if underneath a rock
I’d been living, this whole time.

Alas time ever so brief,
Can’t be bottled like water,
For it’s taken by the thief
That lives solely by belief
“man should not be his own author”

So we shall challenge this crook
Who steals our moments away
and we’ll start by filling books
With futures, in which we look
Forward to passing our days away.

Lifetime Guarantee

To live is to lose, and to lose is to live

And on our dying day we’ll have nothing to give

But our hearts and our souls to the dirt for they rot

Upon Cemetery hill, on that lonely little plot.

Perchance we partake in the never ending dream

Entranced by the life we hoped it could be.

In a world where hate no longer resides

In a life where my own anger finally subsides.

To the people, I must warn you, who stand idly by

I hope you can see with more than your eyes

For happiness, my friend, is not measured by things

But by the quality of life, and love that it brings!

So here I sit upon Cemetery hill

Watching the passersby bicker at will

Waiting for my time to finish the plot;

I’ll just be happy with the life that I’ve got.

Belief is Just the Beginning

Yesterday I awoke with the morning sun

Wondering just what I was going to do.

I took a deep breath, put my feelings aside,

And said to myself, “my life needs to start new.”

I gathered my feelings, I collected my thoughts

I settled my debts to the man with no face.

Today I learned I can believe in myself

Today I learned to set dreams that I can chase.

Tomorrow I will be better than today,

‘cause yesterday was not the best I could be.

Tomorrow I will learn to love another

Because today I learned that I could love me.

Friendships can be taken to the next level

For now I understand their one true meaning.

It is not just a simple togetherness,

It’s a love that keeps our hearts beating.